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A particular Facebook post just caught my attention. It read: “42 is the best story and movie EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER or at least for a very long time. Don’t miss!!!!! Take your children and grand-children (if they are old enough…) FABUOUS!!!!!”

Now, that’s a rather hyperbolic statement to make about any movie, but it certainly piqued my interest further into ’42’ — a new movie about the life of baseball great and civil rights icon Jackie Robinson.

Then I read this op-ed from, Steve Uhlfelder, one of the smartest individuals in the public arena. One paragraph in the column caught my attention:

“My family had escaped from Nazi Germany as Jewish refugees. They taught me that segregation was morally and legally wrong and should not be tolerated. I saw Jackie Robinson as a hero, then and today, and as a man who could change public opinion. He did more to change the way people treated blacks than any other person did during my youth. I am proud to have his photo hanging in my office and my home.”

Steve’s op-ed about the importance of Robinson is an absolute must-read.

Then again, it sounds like ’42’ is a must-see, so maybe I should head to the theater first.

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